You may have read a lot about yoni eggs. That crystal egg is used by sticking it up to woman’s vaginas. Have you discovered the benefits of yoni eggs? Many benefits can be enjoyed by using yoni eggs. They can improve your orgasms satisfaction, sleep quality, and overall wellbeing. Now, you may think about why there is so much attention from the media about this egg. If you feel you need one and want to buy one, here are some tips for choosing your first yoni egg.

Yoni egg

Consider What Yoni Egg You Want to Use

First of all, you can judge crystals according to their healing properties. You are willing to browse through the product descriptions of these eggs and compare the things they are working on with whatever you think you need help with. Using an example, you may think you want to earn more love in your life. Then you will see that soaring quartz is the perfect rock to bear witness to love. In this way, you will be attracted to more quartz, which will be your first yoni egg.

yoni eggSecondly, you can choose a crystal based on your intuition. You can look at pictures of special eggs, and maybe you will like the color of one of these eggs. Do not miss the main reason why an egg should be for you, and let your instinct attract you. Finally, you can choose a yoni egg based on the funding. Yoni eggs come in different price ranges, but real jade eggs are cheaper than other glass materials.

But many other eggs have appeared on today’s market over time. The most popular are the improved quartz, obsidian and amethyst eggs. There are also several different eggs, and if you turn to you personally, you can choose the less common eggs. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing your personal yoni egg.

Consider What Size of Yoni Egg You Desire

Despite the original logic, larger eggs are not suitable for advanced users. The opposite is true. Larger eggs, although a bit thicker, are easier to store in the anus. To keep the eggs in the anus and perform exercises together with tiny eggs, the vagina must be narrower, more sensitive, and much more agile. If you have children or are over 50 years old, you can decide to start with a giant egg. Otherwise, you may decide to start with an egg. When you are ready to do your yoni exercises with this egg, you can reduce the size to a larger egg.

Choose Between Undrilled or Drilled Egg

The last question you need to concern about is to choose between undrilled or drilled eggs. Undrilled eggs are perfectly suitable for using such eggs due to their crystallization. Some women may find it a bit uncomfortable to remove the egg from the yoni without a set. Perforated eggs would be the easiest solution, i.e., you could put a strip of hemp or some tasteless dental floss and, once finished, remove the egg as quickly as you remove a spoon.

You might want an egg if you are considering breast augmentation where you put a little weight on the yoni egg, which means you could do an endurance workout with your vagina. Whatever type of egg you choose, …